Children and Young People’s Health Services Monthly Statistics: England

July 2016 to September 2016, Experimental statistics | NHS Digital


Image source: NHS Digital

This is a report on NHS-funded Community Services for children and young people aged 18 years or under using data from the new Children and Young People’s Health Services (CYPHS) data set reported in England for activity between July 2016 and September 2016. The CYPHS is a patient-level dataset providing information relating to NHS-funded community services for children and young people aged 18 years or under. These services can include health centres, schools and mental health trusts. The data collected includes personal and demographic information, diagnoses including long-term conditions and childhood disabilities and care events plus screening activities.

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Access to child and adolescent mental health services

A review of access to mental health services by the Children’s Commissioner highlights the long waiting lists and restricted access for those with life-threatening conditions.

Data from public bodies shows that 28% of children referred for specialist mental health treatment in 2015 did not receive a service. A significant proportion of children with life-threatening mental health conditions – 14%  of the 3,000 covered by the data – were denied specialist support. These included children who had attempted suicide or serious self-harm and those with psychosis and anorexia nervosa.

Facts and trends in mental health

The Mental Health Network (MHN) has published the fourth edition of  key statistics and trends in mental health. This updated edition, reflects new figures, statistics and resources, giving an overview of the major trends and challenges facing mental health services.

This factsheet sets out available data relating to:

  • investment in services
  • trends in morbidity
  • suicide and homicide rates
  • service activity
  • use of mental health legislation
  • mental health of children and young people
  • service user experience
  • inequalities experienced by people with mental health problems
  • workforce and staff satisfaction.

New resource reveals latest trends in young people’s health and lifestyle

The Association for Young People’s Health has published Key Data on Adolescence 2015, with support from the National Child and Maternal (ChiMat) Health Intelligence Network, PHE. This tenth anniversary edition includes the latest data on health, education, employment and demographics and examines trends over time. The latest edition focuses on the social determinants of health and has new sections on lifestyle and common physical health problems, and an extended section on mental health and wellbeing.