Person-centred care in CAMHS: how can we make it happen?

Putting patients at the centre of their care is something that has featured in just about every annual report and health strategy document I’ve read in the last few years | Andre Tomlin for The Mental Elf Blog


Just like ‘evidence-based’ and ‘shared-decision making‘, it’s a phrase that we read all the time, but is there any evidence that we’re actually doing it? Previous research suggests not (Wolpert et al, 2015), which means we run the risk of losing patients who may rightly feel alienated, but there is evidence that including young people in the decision making around their mental health care leads to better involvement and engagement (e.g. Simmons et al, 2011).

To date, work in this area has focused on adult service user-involvement in care planning (Bee et al, 2015), so it’s good to see a qualitative systematic review that explores the “factors influencing person-centred care in mental health services for children, young people and families examining perspectives from professionals, service users and carers”.

Read the full overview here

The original research abstract is available here


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