Trends in Adolescent Overweight Perception and Its Association With Psychosomatic Health 2002–2014

Whitehead, R. et al. Journal of Adolescent Health. Published online: 6 Decmeber 2016


Purpose: Perceiving oneself as overweight is common and strongly associated with adolescents’ subjective well-being. The prevalence of overweight perceptions and their impact on well-being may have increased over the past decade due to an increase in the salience of weight-related issues. This study examines trends (2002–2014) in the prevalence of adolescent overweight perceptions and their association with psychosomatic complaints.


Evidence is presented which suggests that for adolescent girls in 12 Northern and Western European countries and for boys in four perceiving oneself as overweight may be increasingly deleterious for psychosomatic health.

Read the full abstract here


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