Young people’s mental health care is ‘inadequate’ according to specialist nurses

Seven in 10 nurses say young people’s mental healthcare is inadequate | BBC | The Guardian | Royal College of Nursing



Seven out of 10 specialist nurses caring for the growing number of young people struggling with mental health problems believe that NHS services are insufficient.

Half of all mental health nurses working with troubled young people say child and adolescent mental health services  are inadequate and another 20% say they are highly inadequate, according to a poll undertaken by the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) for the Guardian. Only 13% believe they are good or very good, while the rest say they are adequate.

The survey found serious concern among frontline nurses that the rationing of access to care and shortage of beds are so acute that young people risk harming or killing themselves.

Of the 631 mental health nurses working in Camhs, 43% said services were getting worse, despite government promises of extra investment and assurances that more young people would be able to receive care.

Read more on this story via The Guardian


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