Children’s mental health pilot aims to bridge care ‘disconnect’

Gamme, J. HSJ | Published online: 5 September 2016

  • Pilot project for CAMHS aims to bridge disconnect between community and inpatient care
  • West London project one of two granted devolved commissioning powers to create new care models in the sector
  • Project leaders hope to integrate tier three and four CAMHS services to reduce number of admissions and length of stay in inpatient units

SERVICE DESIGN: A pilot project is aiming to bring greater integration to children’s mental health services and break the “disconnect” between community and inpatient care.

The West London CAMHS pilot is one of two projects in the sector with devolved commissioning powers to create new care models for tertiary mental health services.

The scheme is a partnership between West London Mental Health Trust; Central and North West London Foundation Trust; Priory Group; and the region’s clinical commissioning groups.

West London Mental Health’s director of business and strategy, Chris Hilton, said the pilot project will bring together tier three (community and outpatient services) and tier four (inpatient services) CAMHS to provide more care in the community, reducing admissions and lengths of stay.

Plans for the pilot project include:

  • tier three and four staff creating joint care plans for every child and young person admitted to inpatient beds;
  • community teams to work with tier four staff to work out what care is needed to help discharge a patient as quickly as clinically possible; and
  • working with out of area inpatients and tier four teams to develop plans to bring them back to local services where clinically appropriate.

Read the full article here

Further information on the Priory CAMHs services can be found here


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