YoungMinds ‘Online Pressures’ Campaign

1. Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is an issue which is becoming far too common these days. I suffered from bullying my entire life although specifically cyberbullying when I started to use social media platforms such as MSN, Bebo, MySpace from as young as 12yrs old. As a result I suffered from severe anxiety and severe depression. According to a joint study done by professors of the University of Oxford, University of Bristol, University of Warwick and UCL, young people who are bullied are twice as likely to experience a mental health problem in later life as a result

Read the full blog post here

2. Reaching Out

As part of the YoungMinds Vs Online pressures campaign, they are sharing a film made by BA students of the Met Film School for YoungMinds, which highlights the effects of cyberbullying but also a positive way to help your friends by reaching out to them online.

This short film depicts a young person struggling with the pressures of being connected to the online world through personified notifications.

Read the full blog post here

3. #LifeOnTheWeb Cartoon Competition 

Image source: Fiona Glazebrook – YoungMinds.

View all the winners and other competitions here


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