YoungMinds. Published online 21 April 2016.

Families affected by poor mental health collaborate with an expert Consortium including YoungMinds to launch new online portal.

Developed with families, and aimed at families, MindEd for Families is a new site hoping to transform mental health support for relatives in difficulty and crisis.

MindEd for Families offers a large range of e-learning resources, developed to give anyone in regular contact with children and young people the skills to identify and support those they suspect to be affected by mental health issues

MindEd for Families:

  • provides information, advice and guidance about children’s mental health and wellbeing to parents and carers in England
  • improves parents and carers’ knowledge and awareness of children and young people’s emotional health and wellbeing
  • improves parents and carers’ ability to intervene early in mental health issues, working closely with teachers and other professionals to support their child
  • helps reduce stigma around mental health and demystify mental health and psychology
  • supports and enhance national mental health awareness and resilience

Read the full blog post here



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